Esther Neufeld,


* With over 40 years of teaching experience Esther Loewen Neufeld has created a vibrant successful music studio nestled in the heart of Fraser Heights, Surrey, B.C.

* Esther enjoys teaching students of all ages and levels.

* Esther offers Teacher Training in preparation for

  - RCM Pedagogy Certificate Examinations in three levels,

  - Pedagogy Certificate & Associate Teacher Diploma through BCCM and ConservatoryCanada.

  - She also offers pedagogy consultation lessons specific to the teacher's interests and needs.

* Esther’s approach to her students is positive, warm, and encouraging. Each student is encouraged to strive for their personal best in terms of skill and discipline. The results are a rich experience and love of music making for life.

* Parents are invited to observe their child’s lesson at any time.

Honors Recital

Esther with her students, RCM Pedagogy Certificate recipients: ARCT Advanced Teachers and ARCT Performers

ARCT Performers Recitals